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This site contains stories and experiences that people have submitted about how Instagram has affected their mental health and self-image. Some of these stories may be distressing or triggering. Please click the button below to confirm that you want to access this website.

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Children today face unprecedented exposure to online content through social media platforms. They have more access to the internet, including on their own mobile devices, than ever before.  

Instagram’s algorithms cause serious harm to young people’s mental health. If they click on harmful content, the algorithm will serve them more. Instagram knows it, its own internal reports show it, but is still failing to address it.  They are putting their profits ahead of young people’s health and wellbeing.  

We believe Instagram, and other social media companies, should be doing much more to keep young people free from harm. That is why we are campaigning to stop Instagram using and targeting recommender algorithms at young people for harmful content. Add your voice now:

We're demanding change to Instagram's harmful algorithms!